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Healing the Wounds of History Through the Arts

The arts, and theatre in particular, can be powerful educational and consciousness raising tools and contribute to the moral development and education of children, adolescents, communities and societies. Armand Volkas has committed his professional life to the application of theatre processes in intercultural conflict transformation, collective trauma, transgenerational transmission of trauma and peacebuilding for the last 40 years. He brings his knowledge, experience and tools to all of his programs from three hour workshops to a full residential 3 to 5 day program.

Commission an Encounter

  • Are you running a conference and looking for a professionally run workshop to address the needs of historically conflicted groups?
  • Is your non-profit interested in teaching your team or others to use effective tools for conflict resolution?
  • Does your organization want to build bridges between historically conflicted groups?
  • Are your constituents ready to heal intercultural conflicts?
  • Have you been looking for a professionally-led workshop to support your community as it struggles with trauma?

In Healing the Wounds of History workshops, the instructor will engage your participants and address intercultural conflict transformation and collective trauma using techniques drawn from expressive arts therapy, drama therapy, psychodrama, sociodrama and Playback Theatre. Through experiential exercises your participants will be guided through an embodied exploration and address some of these challenges:

  • Breaking the taboo against “enemies” speaking to each other.
  • Humanizing each other through sharing our personal stories.
  • Taking steps towards healing personal and collective wounds using creative and experiential methods.
  • Transforming historical trauma into constructive action and service.

The expressive arts can provide a bridge between personal and collective experience and help people master complex feelings, heal deep wounds and put ghosts of history to rest. These workshops have brought new insight into the relationships between Palestinians and Israelis, Turks & Kurds, Japanese and Chinese as well as many others.   From “Mapping the Emotional Terrain of Peace” to “The Art of Apology & Repair”, Healing the Wounds of History programs are designed to help all of the participants to grow and heal.

We offer a range of workshop formats depending on your needs.  From 3 hour workshops to 5 day residential programs, your constituencies will be led through a series of exercises designed to provide healing and empathy for groups with historical conflicts.

For more information contact Armand Volkas at (510) 595-5500, Ext 11 or email him at to learn more about the opportunities to commission an encounter.