On-going Groups

Healing The Wounds of History dialogue group

facilitated by Nermin Soyalp

Coming soon…

Contact Nermin at nermin@healingthewoundsofhistory.org for more information or to sing up.


Facing the Legacy of the Holocaust Together

Descendants of Holocaust Survivors and Post-World War II Germans

facilitated by Armand Volkas

Image by Merideth Schamzad

Image by Merideth Schamzad

We have reconvened our group in support the continuation of the healing process we began last November. This has been a rare opportunity to address our collective trauma where we invited participants to identify what healing work they want and need to do—–e.g. moving deeply into unexpressed grief and mourning? Unfinished business with a parent, family member or ancestor? Exploring, owning or taming the potential perpetrator in each of us? Guilt, shame, apology and forgiveness? Reclaiming our right to joy in the face of a dark and traumatic legacy? Reclaiming our ability to risk, trust and find intimacy and friendship in a scary world?

Currently the group is not accepting any new participants.  Please contact us if you want to be in the participant list when we open the next group.