In Dark Places

Decades after the end of World War II, the calculated extermination of 6 million European Jews continues to stagger our comprehension. How could it have been allowed to happen? Who is ultimately responsible? “In Dark Places” explores the attempts of a few individuals to come to terms with the Holocaust. Unlike other films dealing with the Holocaust, it does not attempt to reconstruct the actual history, but deals more with the present and ways in which the past reverberates in our current consciousness. Produced by Gina Blumenfeld. 58 minutes.

In Dark Places is first the film that examined the legacy and the trauma inherited by the children of Holocaust survivors. It features Armand Volkas’s experimental theater company in the 1970’s and reveals Armand’s own journey exploring the legacy of collective trauma through theatre.

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Acts of Reconciliation

In 1989, psychotherapist and drama therapist Armand Volkas brought together the descendants of Jewish Holocaust Survivors with the descendants of Nazis. This 13 minute pilot was created to fundraise for a longer film. However, in May of 1989, the Berlin Wall came down and the funding for the making of the film dried up. But, Armand knew that this trauma would not disappear in his life time and he went on to develop his Healing the Wounds of History approach.

Healing the Wounds of History: Palestinians & Israelis

In the aftermath of a violent encounter between pro-Palestinians and pro-Israelis at Concordia University in Montreal, Armand Volkas was brought in as part of a peace and conflict transformation initiative. He led a week long drama therapy workshop with Palestnians and Israelies which culminated in a public forum and Playback Theatre performance with the Montreal community who had been traumatized by these violent events.
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