The Lens



Video Producer-Director Tamara Gurbis in collaboration with Armand Volkas of Healing the Wounds of History Institute are launching a cultural workshop and video series project.

The Lens is a unique and groundbreaking social and artistic experiment. It is a workshop and video series which uses experiential drama and film-based therapy to transform collective trauma and group discord resulting from cultural conflicts.

The workshop and video series extends not only to intercultural conflicts in the international sphere, but also to group conflicts in the national, workplace, local and domestic arenas. The Lens’​ adaptable approach and methods, tailored by Armand Volkas, get to the heart of any cultural conflict by purposefully bringing together rival groups from opposing sides of a conflict.

Through use of therapeutic drama and moviemaking, the groups take on the challenge of reinventing their relationship by transforming destructive conflict and dysfunctional group narratives into constructive conflict, or even cooperation and life-affirming stories.


“Real-world” test of The Lens’ peacebuiliding project with our participants, workshop director, Armand Volkas, video director Tamara Gurbis and our crew.

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Examples of rival groups experiencing specific conflicts and issues:

  • Kurds and Turks (upcoming)
  • African-Americans and Law Enforcement Officers
  • Democrats and Republicans
  • Palestinians and Israelis
  • Corporate CEOs, shareholders and workers
  • Pro- and Anti-Global Warming Advocates
  • Syrian Sunnis and Alawites
  • Pro-EU and Pro-Russian Ukrainians
  • Free-Market Capitalists and Socialists
  • Gun Control and Second Amendment Supporters

Do you have a conflict that you’d like us to address and transform? For proposals, please contact us.

We offer customized packages for non-residential and residential workshops including planning and arrangements as well as video production services to memorialize the cultural conflict transformation breakthroughs and experiences.

Using the workshops and video series as a vehicle, The Lens’ mission is to:

  • transform and heal collective trauma and discord in the individual and in groups through the use of drama and moviemaking
  • provide a psychological approach to conflict – a map to help groups traverse the emotional terrain to reconciliation
  • offer an alternative understanding of cultural conflicts prominent in global and U.S. national news, and/or of public concern
  • educate, entertain and move audiences worldwide through the distribution of The Lens video series

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